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Parveen Dhatt

Artist member since 2019
Brampton, Ontario

I create artwork from post consumer ‘waste’, remnants of everyday life; newspapers, food packaging, fast food wrappings, dried shrimp shells, denim, utility bill envelopes, flyers, Amazon boxes, beads, duct tape from older work and discarded fabric. These humble materials are rescued from inevitable decay in landfills, partially stripped of their identity and along with detritus collected from the studio floor they are layered and glued onto panel. Together they construct a unique narrative and become objects of aesthetic value. This work illustrates the material possibilities of what most would consider trash while also maximizing the aesthetic potential of what would otherwise be considered waste objects.

I grew up as an immigrant child in Brampton during the “70’s and 80’s, we were one of an handful of ‘brown’ people amongst a relatively homogenous Caucasian community. The embarrassment of going out with my dad to rummage through other people's ‘trash’ was magnified by the turban my dad wore. We stuck out like a yellow umbrella on a grey rainy day. The seventies and eighties were the pre-consumer and pre-earth friendly eras, we were the anomaly, it wasn’t considered cool to rifle through garbage bins. We were never poor but my dad was a DIYer way before HGTV made it popular, he had a creative mind and most importantly saw gold in other people’s waste.

Fast forward to the present, every alternating Wednesday is my favourite day of the week, it's recycle day, when I can look for treasures casually thrown out by neighbours into the blue bins. Each object has an energy, an interesting story to tell whether it’s conveyed by the texture, shape, functionality or colour. It’s exciting to weave these pieces into a collage, ideas that people rarely think of but are so delighted to see.

These collages also serve to document, they act as fossils that mine pop culture and act as critiques of mass consumption. My purpose is for people to make emotional connections with the work when they recognize objects of daily use reflected back to them in unique and interesting ways.

As a multi disciplinary artist my practice also includes large abstract encaustic paintings and photography. The most important themes conveyed through these mediums are of time, history, culture, identity, hybridity, race, migration and dislocation. There is a clear attempt to remap our understanding of east/west throughout all of my work.

I hope you enjoy my gallery as much as I have loved creating these works! They really have to be seen in person to appreciate the texture and brilliant colours. Safe and socially distanced studio visits are welcome and alternatively artwork can be viewed through Zoom.

It’s worth the drive to Brampton!



Best season of the year in Toronto

Spring, when everything comes alive, back to life.

Describe your home in 3 words

Very bohemian chic

Beverage of choice

coca cola, tons of it... it has to be cold and well carbonated...I am a coke connisseur!

In a previous life I was (a) ...

Monkey, I love trees and climbing them. Or maybe I was a tree and loved having monkeys jumping from branch to branch.

During my breaks, I tend to ...

nap, meditate, garden, decorate and move furniture around in my

What do you listen to when you work?

I have a very eclectic collection, Qi rattan, Snatam Kaur, Taren Kaur, 80's music, rock, pop, and old Bollywood

Upcoming Exhibitions
November, 2019

City Hall, Brampton
Charged Up: 905 Talks Climate, David Sukuzi Foundation

Select Past Exhibitions

Blue Crow Gallery
Summer Group Show


Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto
Toronto Outdoor Art Fair


Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto
Toronto Outdoor Art Fair


Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto
Toronto Outdoor Art Fair


Artbox Miami 2.0


Canisius College
Master of Science

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